New website on WordPress platform – how does the process work and what’s a price of a website? Take a few minutes to read and understand the concept of creating a new website.

Simple and luxurious website for a real estate company.

Luxurious website for real estate firm.

Website is necessary for you and/or your company

You can do a lot with your website, but most importantly – it works when you don’t. Your website is making sure that your potential clients get the information they need fast and 24/7. We think this is one of the most valuable features a company can offer because with people’s fast lifestyle they value their time the most.

Website helps to make your company visible and raise people’s awareness about your brand. If people don’t know that your company excist, then it’s really difficult to sell your products. That is why website makes it possible to grow your business and your annual sale.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us: Building a website is fun for us.

  • We are experienced in working with small and big companies.
  • We are building a website from scratch. Templates make websites vulnerable which is why we don’t use them.
  • Quick response time via email or phone.
  • Customer support either in Danish, Estonian or English language.
  • Fast problem solving.
  • User-friendly solutions.
  • Specialised in WordPress, having SEO in mind.
  • You are not attached to us, after the website is launched it is 100% yours, no hidden fees.
  • Effective project management.

CMS – Why is it important?

First of all, nowadays most of the websites are built on CMS  – Content Management system. Like the name already refers to,  system allows you to manage the content that is on your website. Those kinds of systems allow you to edit your website easily. In other words – people without knowledge of coding don’t have to worry about difficult editing anymore.

Why should you choose CMS?

  • Easy management
    • Editing pages,  adding pictures, managing contact form, adding new products to your website.
  • You don’t need knowledge about website and its coding
    • We think that if you can manage with Microsoft Word, then you should have no problem with WordPress.
    • WordPress offers user friendly tools which means that everyone can make changes to their website, which previously was handled by coders.
  • It makes your website scalable
    • It means that you can easily expand or to lessen your website. For example, after creating your website it is possible to add a webshop to your website later on without trouble.
Clean, simple and functional website.

Clean, easy and functional website for a company that sells sports equipment to European and US markets.

Why does Brandweb use WordPress platform?

We mentioned WordPress previously as one of the CMS. On WordPress platform you can manage your website really easily. WordPress is the most popular CMS, over 30% of all of the websites in the world are built on WordPress platform.

WordPress offers tons of possibilites. Starting from one page website for one people companies to webshop that has over ten thousands of products. If your wish is to create something simple and just communicate with your clients – then WordPress is the right choice. The reason why it’s so simple to use WordPress is that the company started their business by offering platform just for blogs.

Furthermore, the popularity of WordPress means that it’s also very well known among all the web agencies and agents. So if your partnership doesn’t work with one agency you can easily go to the next one.

How should I choose the best web agency for my company?

Our thoughts are that you should learn a little bit about the agency and then trust your gut. If you have a feeling that you don’t share the same ideas with this web agency, then go to the next one. Just make sure, that the agency isn’t all about corporate BS but rather explains the whole process understandably.

Most noteworthy, we believe that a good web developer has a goal to make customers feel safe from the start of the process till the end.

One important thing to ask from the agency is whether they build their websites from scratch or do they use a bought template. We strongly recommend not to use templates for several reasons. Read more on this topic from our blog.

What is the price of a website?

The price of a website varies between different web agencies. Website price depends on many factors, such as the number of pages, content, functionality, number of pictures etc. That is why it is quite difficult to offer a concrete number for a price of a website. To get a fixed price, you need to attend a meeting with the agency so the factors can be discussed in detail. Our custom website prices at Brandweb start from 720 €.

Website is 100% yours, no hidden fees

Unfortunately, there are a lot of web agencies that don’t give the website to you and they ask for a regular payment after 24, 36 or 72 months. And what’s even sadder, a lot of clients think that this the best and only option out there.

Our clients pay us one-time fee and it’s only for the job we’ve done – which is building a website. When we have launched the website, you’ll have a full ownership of the website and there are no hidden fees. If you pay for the website then it’s a no-brainer that it should belong only to you.

Real estate website with cool functionalities.

Website with an advanced search function for a real estate firm.

About the next step…

Now when you have a good understanding about the WordPress website we will gladly invite you to our office for a coffee and lets chat about how can we help eachother out.

Worst case scenario – you get a good coffee and expand your knowledge about websites.

Price offer – what’s included?

WordPress CMS A user-friendly choice.
Unique website design We bring your vision to life. Our experienced designer will deliver a result that you will love.
Responsive Mobile website With us you can be sure that your website is mobile-friendly.
Basic SEO setup We will set up a popular SEO plugin called “Yoast SEO” and guide you through on how to use this.
Blog & News section Blog and news section is a great way to optimize for search engines and get more visitors to your website.
Contact/Enquiry form We use Ninja Form plugin with its add-ons: file uploads; conditional logic; multi-part forms.
One on one training After the website has been launched you’ll get one on one training on WordPress.
Free help on web hosting and domain registration We can give you advice on relative topics and help you create email accounts.
No hidden fees The website is 100% yours after the launch.

WordPress website

From 720 €

  • Responsive design
  • WordPress platform
  • Unique visual identity
  • Easy to manage and edit
  • Includes basic SEO set-up


You are always welcome to get in touch with us, in case you need a new web solution or to improve the one you have. We will be happy to help.

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