We at Brandweb are sure, that webshops are the future of shopping. Therefore we would love to help you sell your products online. Our webshops have simple and attractive design, that focuses on speed and responsiveness. How does it all work, what is the price for a webshop and what to do next? The following text will explain it all.

How does this process work?

1. First of all, we meet with the client. In this meeting, topics such as expectations, goals, deadlines and content will be discussed. We will also talk about the target group, needs and everything that has to do with online visibility, so we could optimize the webshop according to our client’s needs. Sometimes the clients have an idea of the design or some specific colors to use.

2. After that, we can start with the design. We create the design template in Photoshop programme, just like with websites. This template will be examined with the client to make corrections or to add something. When the design has been agreed upon, we can start building the webshop.

3. We will build the webshop as the client has wished for, using the design template as an instruction and adding the functionality that has been agreed upon. When the client has sent us product descriptions, pictures and categories, then a specific amount of products will be added to the webshop (as discussed at the meeting). Webshop is built so that it is fast, responsive and simple for every age group.

4. Moreover, we will make sure the payment process in the webshop is easy, so you would not lose any potential customers, who leave due to complicated payment process.

5. After the webshop is built, we will meet up with the client again. In that meeting, we will teach our clients how to use the webshop. This way our clients have the skills to add new products (saving money and time).

6. We believe, that this whole process makes sure, that our clients get the best experience. And if needed, we are always available via phone or email.

Webshop’s design

Unfortunately when surfing the Internet we’re seeing a lot of “downloaded for free” webshops. Those webshops are missing important functionalities and the design isn’t unique. If you are also using a free webshop then you can surely relate to the following problems: pictures, texts, prices are in different sizes. They also have different qualities and the navigation is really difficult; You have found many other websites with the same design; webshop is outdated; you don’t receive all the orders; client doesn’t receive any confirmations.

All of these problems can stop you from winning over your potential client. Invest in your webshop, let us build you an unique design that truly represents your company and wins over your potential clients.

Clean and simple webshop.

Minimalist and clean webshop for a company that makes hot tubs.

Here are 3 reasons why you should invest in your webshop:

  1. Web design is one of the most important factors that determines how your “online” company is represented and what kind of a first impression this website leaves. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay a lot of  money to top-notch designers, but rather you need to find the right style for your business. Go to a specialist in that field and consult with them. For example, you can send us an query and we will gladly help you find your unique and personalized look.
  2. The next reason why the quality of web design is really important is because it can create or lose trust. Customers do not want to pay money to a company that has an old, outdated or a broken online store. Think about it, the client has to trust you in order to transfer money to you and the client doesn’t even get the product right away. The credibility of the business is really important. Secondly, an outdated website may even leave the impression that it is no longer an active company. Therefore, the customer leaves your website and you lose your potential customer.
  3. The third reason lies in competition. You should invest at least something on the look of your online store because your competitors do. If your website looks poor and your competitor’s website looks very professional and reliable, then your potential customer chooses them instead of you. Most companies in the same field have the same resources: you all have the same database, prices, and so on. Web design is one of the only areas where you can go beyond and beat your competitors. Create a beautiful online store and make your business an obvious choice!

Here’s why we use WooCommerce

Webshop on a WooCommerce platform has an attractive design and many other features. We can build the design according to the customer’s request. WooCommerce is both customer-friendly and user-friendly so it’s not hard to add new features.

First of all, let’s explain what WooCommerce is all about. This is a free extension. For example, if you have built one-page website on a WordPress CMS then adding WooCommerce is extremely easy. First step is to install and activate WooCommerce plugin. Then change the settings and design the webshop as you like.
Thanks to the WooCommerce’s intense functionality, you have the ability to sell both material goods and downloadable products. By downloadable products we mean, for example, videos. People buy different trainings from the Internet, such as yoga, meditation, website building, diving and more. All of this can be uploaded to your web store and you can change the settings as you wish. There are different choices for you to choose from. For example, the client can download it, or they can watch videos only if they are logged in and there is no download option.

The products can be set as a variable. This means that their price vary when changing the color or size. Let’s say your company sells jeans. You have the same jeans in a variety of colors, and you want those to be priced differently. With WooCommerce you have this opportunity. You can also add both regular and discounted price. In this way, the client sees that now it’s time to get this product. The discount price can be set at a fixed time period and after that period it will automatically go back to its usual price.

Stylish webshop for thousands of products.

Webshop for a company that sells over 10,000 different products.

Webshop price

What price range are e-shops in? This depends on their size. Webshop, that offers 10 products in two categories should definitely cost less than a shop that sells 10 000 products. The price also depends on the content – if the product descriptions and pictures are supplied by the client, the price is lower. In additon, the more payment methods for your customers, the higher budget you need. This is because payment gateways (like bank links on the website) need to be bought from the banks. We offer webshops starting from 1450 euros.

What’s included in the Webshop offer?

Unique webshop design We will bring your ideas to life. You can be sure that no one else has the same design.
WordPress CMS with WooCommerce extension Both are user-friendly choices. WooCommerce is an excellent tool for selling your products.
Responsive webshop We will build you a responsive and a mobile-friendly webshop.
Basic SEO setup We’ll set up SEO plugin called “Yoast SEO” and teach you how to use it. This will make optimizing you products for search engines so much easier.
Blog and News section This is a create way to keep your regular clients up to date and attract new ones at the same time.
Contact/Inquiry form We use Ninja form plugin with its add-ons. So we have different options available for the design and functionality.
Advice on web hosting and domain registration Also, how to create new email accounts.
One on one training After the launch you’ll get a thorough course on how to use your new amazing webshop.
PayPal setup We’ll setup PayPal and other payment options if necessary.
No hidden fees After launching your webshop it’ll be 100% yours.
Veebipoe hind


From 1450 €

  • Responsive design
  • WordPress platform
  • WooCommerce extension
  • Unique visual identity
  • Easy to manage and edit
  • Includes basic SEO set-up


You are always welcome to get in touch with us, in case you need a new web solution or to improve the one you have. We will be happy to help.

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