About us

Not just a job, a passion

Hey! Brandweb consists of people with the same goal in mind – inspire small budget companies compete with big companies. For us, Brandweb is not just a work – it is a part of us. Creating websites, webshops and online visibility makes us happy. We believe in the power of internet, it’s ability to connect people and businesses all over the world. Website is not just a website – it is a creative tool. And if it’s used correctly, it will help your business succeed/grow.

Nowadays technology is an inseparable part of our lives. Everyone wants more comfortable life – with just a few clicks you can get information you need and purchase products. This is where we come in, we give you an opportunity to do all of this with your website and webshop. Our goal is to bring your ideas to life and work on them as much as possible. We are excited and happy to help.

Meet the team

Alexander Juul Jakobsen – expert on everything regarding WordPress websites and webshops, including their creation and design.

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